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Taxi driver training is delivered in Hull, Malton, Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington, Beverley and York by fully qualified Diamond taxi driver trainers.
Most ADI's are not conversant with the taxi driver test, as they concentrate on teaching learner drivers. We are not only conversant with the taxi driver test but are official Diamond taxi driver trainers. Diamond is the taxi driving test suppliers of taxi tests throughout the UK working with many local authorities including East Riding and Hull.
If you require a taxi driver trainer you will not find anyone better qualified to assist you than the LeaP 2 Drive taxi driver trainers.



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Brian Render from Beverley -

I have nothing but praise for the advanced taxi test trainer, Peter Wallis who made time available to me at short notice and helped me to correct the habits I had accumulated over years. He has a calm manner and was patient and courteous with me as he showed me the way to correct the faults I had, which I practised under his guidance.

If you are in need of an advanced taxi test, then I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Wallis. He will guide you in the right direction to ensure a pass on the test

John Donnell from Beverley -

John from Beverley. I passed my taxi test in Hull yesterday. As an experienced driver I did have bad habits. i spent some time with Leap 2 Drive's taxi driver trainer Kevin. Very professional, vey knowledgeable, outstanding from beginning to end. Thanks Kevin. Recommended to all taxi drivers who have to take the test.

Hasan Nas from Hull -

I took lessons for my taxi driving test from a different company, had few test trials but didn’t succeed. I came to Leap 2 Drive and met with Kevin. Only had 2 hours of lessons and he was very helpful and kind. He taught me everything I need in just two hours. I’ve passed my test after the lesson I had with him. I definitely recommend him to everyone who is thinking of becoming a taxi driver.

Natalia Wilson from Taxi Driver in York -

I am a taxi driver in York. I would recommend anyone taking the taxi test attend a training lesson with Kevin first. I passed the test 1st time, but wouldn't have without the pre test training Kevin provided. Well worth the money!

Lynn Holmes from Beverley -

Been a taxi driver for many years, very experienced driver. The local authority arranged for me to take the taxi driver test. I recommend if you find yourself in a similar position you take taxi driver training from an official Diamond professional taxi driver trainer. Kevin at Leap 2 Drive is 1st class and knows all there is to know about training taxi drivers for taxi driver tests. Despite being a professional driver for many, many years I would not have passed without his help.

John Williamson from Hull -

I'm 52 and passed my driving test when I was 17. I failed two taxi tests. I thought I was a good driver. So after the second test I met Kevin for two hours taxi driver training. He made such an impact on me. I knew I would then pass the next taxi test because Kevin taught me where I was going wrong.