Taxi Driver Training

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Kevin Billington and Peter Wallace are not just DVSA ADI's, but trained and fully qualified Diamond specialist taxi driver trainers. If you wish to train as a taxi driver or if you are an experienced taxi driver whose been asked to take a taxi driver test we can help.

Just listen to what taxi drivers have to say about the training we deliver:

John a taxi driver from Hull says "As a driver of over 30 years experience I thought I was a good driver, but then I failed two taxi tests. I'd even had 3 hours with an ADI before those tests. After I failed the second time I decided to contact a specialist taxi driver trainer so contacted Leap 2 Drive and had 2 hours with Kevin. The taxi driver training made such an impact on me. I passed the next test because Kevin understood what is required in the taxi drivers test and taught me exactly what to do. I wish I'd gone to Leap 2 Drive in the first place it would have saved me a lot of stress and over £200. My advice is book taxi training with Kevin before your taxi test, it's as simple as that".  

Lynn Holmes a taxi driver from Beverley says "Been a taxi driver for many years, very experienced driver. The local authority arranged for me to take the taxi driver test. I recommend if you find yourself in a similar position you take taxi driver training from an official Diamond professional taxi driver trainer. Kevin at Leap 2 Drive is 1st class and knows all there is to know about training taxi drivers for taxi driver tests. Despite being a professional driver for many, many years I would not have passed without his help".

With a pass rate of just 33% the taxi driver test should not be underestimated. Even the most experienced drivers usually need some preparation and training from an expert taxi driver trainer in order to achieve the standard required. After all most of us have picked up some bad habits over the years and these can be the cause of driving faults and even serious or dangerous faults being marked by the examiner. Finding a fully qualified taxi driver trainer is not easy. We can help.

Preparing a potential taxi driver for the taxi driver test is not like an approved driving instructor preparing a learner driver for the DVSA driving test. The taxi driver test is very different and as you'd expect the candidate is expected to drive for a longer period and at a higher standard.

We are Diamond qualified taxi driver trainers. Diamond is a leading provider of government accredited training and assessments for occupational drivers and riders and part of the largest professional driver association in the UK. As such Diamond already works with a large number of local authorities to provide driver training and testing services specifically designed for the taxi and private hire market.

The taxi driver test lasts about 45 minutes and includes driving in a variety of different road and traffic conditions, and where possible motorways. During the test you will be asked to do two manoeuvres and an element of independent driving; you might be asked to demonstrate a controlled stop. To pass the test you must avoid any serious or dangerous faults and commit no more than 9 driver faults.

The taxi driving test is a challenge and should not be underestimated. The taxi driver test costs £85 in East Riding and £87 in York, so it's expensive to fail. Rather than risk failing once, twice, three times or more and spending a great deal of time and money in doing so, it makes sense to receive expert training beforehand giving you every chance of passing 1st time.  We'll even accompany you during your taxi driving test if you wish. We provide 100% support all the way.

Taxi driver training delivered by our experts is from just £40, less than half the lowest priced test fee. Once you book through the website we'll be in touch immediately by email to acknowledge your payment and will call you to make arrangements to deliver your training. To book your training click on the silver taxi at the top of the page.

Natalia Wilson a Taxi Driver in York says  "I am a taxi driver in York. I would recommend anyone taking the taxi test attend a training lesson with Kevin first. I passed the test 1st time, but wouldn't have without the pre test training Kevin provided. Well worth the money!"

Taxi Driver Insurance

New to taxi driving need insurance? Experienced taxi driver, paying too much for your insurance?

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