Fleet Training

Fleet training is delivered on behalf of LeaP 2 Drive by official DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainers Anthony Fuller and Peter Wallace.

Fleet training is designed to meet the occupational road risk needs of both the driver and organisation and to cut the costs associated with running a fleet. The training fulfills the Health & Safety duties of the company and meets the companies Duty of Care obligations.

Group training often commences with a 15 minute briefing. The training can be tailored to company needs, for example when requested by companies Anthony often delivers occupational driver training to individual employees for pre contract assessment (for insurance purposes for example), or to reduce the risk of accidents or offending.

Drivers receive practical fleet driver training designed to improve road safety and save fuel and this will include at the course commencement a full driving licence check, eye sight test and advice in completing regular daily and weekly vehicle checks as advised by Roadcraft - the Police Drivers Handbook. All drivers attending the course will receive our Fleet Drivers Handbook specially prepared by LeaP 2 Drive Fleet Training, which will act as a reminder to refresh memories in relation to the course for years to come. The practical training concentrates on safety, driver awareness, Defensive Driving and ECO friendly driving. Following the training each driver will be safer behind the wheel and save approximately 7% to 10% in fuel costs alone.

Within 7 days following the Fleet Training provided by LeaP 2 Drive, where requested the company will receive a written report in respect of each driver. The report is supplied to the company and is designed so that managers can discuss with employees the experiences and benefits provided by the fleet training undertaken.

It is fact that the fleet training will improve each drivers safety and general awareness of the road, will improve awareness of speed limits and encourage compliance providing a better understanding of the driving tasks involved on today's roads enabling drivers to be better equipped to deal with the pressures and distractions encountered with work related driving. The training will be helping the companies drivers to be more informed and make better driving decisions, therefore reducing risks associated with company car drivers.

LeaP 2 Drive Fleet Driver Training satisfies Health & Safety and companies Duty of Care. Our training will benefit your employees and the company as a whole.

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