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Within just ten years the RAC & many other recognised bodies say, most of us will be driving automatics. And they're right. Manufacturers are phasing out manual gear boxes. Automatics are more eco friendly, have better fuel efficiency, up to 9 speed gear boxes and are cheaper to insure with the majority of insurers. Obviously they are easier to drive with no gears, no fears and no clutch so now more on why choose LeaP 2 Drive, later more on automatics.

More of us than ever look to past client reviews to help us choose the very best. Look no further, we are the driving school with well over 280 five star reviews, significantly more than any other driving school!

We deliver automatic driving lessons in York and Malton.  Automatic - 'No fears because no gears'

LeaP 2 Drive is unique, we know of no other driving school with so many five star reviews from satisfied students and parents of students.
All of our students (and parents if they wish) are provided with an app free of charge so they can follow on their smart phones and iPads the driving progress by linking to our latest technology online system. You can check the hours booked, hours taken, appointments of future lessons, subject of the next lesson, full details of all payments made and so much more. We provide high quality handouts in the 'Welcome Pack' issued to all students, they're able to revise between lessons and know exactly where they are and what comes next!
Sethe says "Absolutely great driving instructor; very patient, calm and collected whilst you're driving. Positive mindset, very clear when explaining new aspects of driving, always explains what you did well and gives constructive feedback on areas you can improve! I always appreciated the use of an iPad to explain manoeuvres/junctions, and being able to pick up where you left off from last lesson. Managing lessons was also really easy by using an app to track when your next lesson is. The very best driving school."
Your Instructor:
Automatic driving lessons are delivered by Anthony. Anthony is a DVSA ADI, an advanced police driver, IAM RoadSmart Master of Driving with Distinction, RoSPA Gold Advanced Driver & Rider and a Diamond Elite Advanced Driver. He has received the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction with Distinction is an Official DVSA Registered Fleet Trainer and the regions examiner for the advanced driving test and taxi driver tests. Anthony is recommended by the Driving Instructors Association as one of the UK's highest qualified driver trainers and by North Yorkshire County Council. Anthony's also qualified to instruct those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Automatic cars have been the choice of most countries for many years, in the UK people have been in the main against automatic cars, but with modern technology that's changed. Automatic cars are the choice of many, automatic driving lessons are immensely popular as the use of automatic gears makes the car easier to control; and can make you a safer driver.

If you have tried to learn in a manual car and have found it difficult to use the clutch, or if you have never tried to drive but want to learn quickly, without the stress of learning to change gear why not try an automatic?
In a manual car you have three pedals, an accelerator (gas pedal), brake and clutch. You use the clutch to change gear, and sharp release of the clutch often results in the vehicle stalling. In an automatic car there are just two pedals the accelerator and brake, that's right, no clutch. In the automatic you cannot stall the engine, hill starts are much easier as the automatic gear box takes care of the not rolling backwards or stalling challenge.

Automatic lessons by the hour are more expensive than manual lessons, however you will need considerably fewer lessons to learn to drive an automatic car, so overall it is much cheaper to learn to drive in an automatic car.

At LeaP 2 Drive we deliver automatic driving lessons in York or Malton at a cost of £35 for a single hour or assessment, £65 for two hours and £300 for ten, so why not book a trial lesson or course of lessons today?

If you wish to learn quickly why not consider booking an intensive driving course with LeaP 2 Drive?


              Manual              v        Automatic                   =                                   Automatic

What do past students & parents have to say?:

Jay Hinkley passed his test in an automatic with Leap 2 Drive and  says:

"Anthony is the only driving instructor you'll ever need. I passed my test in an automatic 1st time with no faults at all. The 'Godfather of Driving' A.K.A. Anthony Fuller is truly the best. I cannot say enough good things about him. So polite, calm, masses of experience and knowledge; the very best!" 

Martin Walker a county court judge & Roz Walker an artist says

"Anthony taught our daughter Eleanor to drive. Anthony is a superb driving instructor. Courteous, patient and reliable, he teaches how to drive safely and carefully rather than just to get through a test. He is conscientious and thorough and goes far beyond what is expected, inspiring complete confidence in his students. Anthony's teaching ability with a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of all road and safety matters is second to none."

Irene's story:

Irene Cartland had a serious road accident ten years ago and asked the 95 Alive Road Safety team at North Yorkshire County Council to recommend an expert driver trainer to help her regain confidence and try to get back on the road again. Her accident was so horrendous, she had not driven for ten years.

Irene says "Leap 
2 Drive were asked to help me regain my confidence in driving after a 10 years off the road following an accident. Anthony developed a programme to improve my road skills, enable me to be a safer driver and restore my confidence. From the outset it was clear I was in the hands of an extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly professional instructor. Anthony was reassuring, totally reliable and completely committed to passing on his vast driving knowledge and experience to enable me to become a better and safe driver. He was also endlessly patient when I didn’t quite get some things right! In addition to the practical lessons Anthony sent me useful links to driving websites and suggested recommended reading to improve my knowledge which was very useful. I can’t recommend Anthony highly enough and think that if it wasn’t for the quality of his tuition I would not feel as confident as I do now to drive again after such a long absence. "

Over 280 five star reviews from satisfied clients. If you want driver training and you want the best, then contact us today! 

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In the UK, we're all moving towards automatics, and rapidly as manual cars are being phased out.

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders reveal the demand for automatics is outstripping the rest of the market by three times!

In 2018, more than 600,000 automatics were registered, up by 50% from 2013.

New automatics are extremely intelligent. It's now common to see 7, 8 or even 9 speed automatic transmissions. Smooth and efficient driving at low revs, burning less fuel and reducing emissions.

High end manufacturers Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar have been phasing out manuals for years and now mainstream manufacturers are ditching the stick! There is reduced demand for manuals. Many automatics also give the driver the option of switching between automatic and manual at the flick of a switch, without the need of a clutch. Modern technology has left the clutch and struggling with it, behind!

Manual is becoming a thing of the past. Manuals being totally phased out in the UK market is not that far ahead. 'In just ten years' the RAC say, most of us will be driving automatics.

They're right.

Contact us today for your automatic driving lessons. Don't struggle with the clutch and don't  live in the past!